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Gardening Information and Tips

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Birds in the Garden

Attracting Birds to the Garden
Grow Your Own Birdhouse

Container and Small Space Gardening

Gardening in Containers



Growing and Harvesting Dill
Harvesting and Using Echinacea






Houseplant Care

First Aid For A Dried-Out Hanging Basket


Introduction to Tillandsias
Physical Characteristics of Tillandsias
Blooms and Propagation of Tillandsias
Growing Tillandsias Outdoors
Growing Tillandisas Indoors

Gardening for Kids

Projects for Kids

Insects and Pests

10 Common Garden Pests

Lawn Care

Choosing the Right Lawn Grass For Your Region


Miniature Orchid Species
Sun Loving Orchid Species

Other Plants

The Magic of Annual Vines
Summer Heathers

Pruning & Trimming

Why Prune?

Rock Gardens

How to Plant a Rock Garden


Growing and Harvesting Rose Hips
Miniature Roses

Trees and Shrubs

How To Grow Flowering Trees
Flowering Trees List
Albizia julibrissin
Bauhinia blakeana
Bauhinia variegata


Harvesting Vegetables
How much sun does your garden need?